About Us

RoxVOTE is a coalition effort by a non-partisan group of Roxbury-based organizations and residents focused on empowering the Roxbury community by increasing our voting participation and broader civic engagement. The RoxVOTE Coalition is educating Roxbury residents and community allies about the steps they can take to make their voices heard, to get others to vote, to hold elected officials accountable and to become aware of what the current issues are and how they affect our community on a day to day basis.

Our elected officials, at every level, make decisions about how much money to spend on education for schools in our neighborhood, which roads will be repaired, how much affordable housing will be created, how much money will go to each neighborhood for police, social services, etc. Through the RoxVOTE campaign, we can show our leaders that we want them to do more to respond to the specific needs of the Roxbury community by increasing our voting population by at least 10%. Help us reach our goal by getting involved today!

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