About Us

Mission Statement:
The RoxVote Coalition’s mission is to educate, engage and empower Roxbury through civic activities.


  • Roxbury has historically had one of the lowest numbers of residents who have registered to vote and subsequently one of the lowest numbers of residents who had voted in local, state, and federal elections in the Boston area. As such Madison Park Development Corporation, with the support and assistance of community partners, saw this need and worked to fund an initiative that focused on engaging the community in the civic process.


  • Out of this effort, the RoxVOTE Coalition, a non-partisan coalition of Roxbury-based organizations and residents who are committed to increasing civic engagement in the Roxbury community, was established in 2005.


  • Since 2005, about Roxbury-based organizations joined the coalition. Over 140 volunteers participated in training sessions, door-knocking, phone-banks, and planning meetings.  Phone banks reached over 2,000 voters.  Mailings reached over 3,000 voters.


  • By bringing different sectors of the community together, the RoxVOTE coalition is able to engage a larger number of residents to learn more about the civic engagement process, to have their voices heard, to provide opportunities to hold our elected officials accountable, and to have a better understanding of the power of our votes.


  • The coalition encourages ALL residents, young and old, to be involved in these efforts by creating volunteer opportunities to phone bank, outreach, moderate at forums, lead door knocking efforts, etc.


  • Past events such as Picnic with our Elected Officials and various Candidates Nights allowed for the coalition to create an opportunity for our community to have conversations around community-wide issues and hold politicians accountable.
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